Dental Veneers at Britton DDS

Transforming Smiles with Precision and Style

Elevate your smile with Dentistry In The Round’s dental veneers. Our ultra-thin, custom-crafted facings are designed to brighten, reshape, and perfect your smile, blending seamlessly with the laid-back, vibrant lifestyle of North County San Diego. Achieve the smile of your dreams with our advanced, affordable veneer solutions.

Understanding Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a transformative cosmetic solution, offering a durable and natural-looking enhancement for a variety of dental concerns. Crafted from high-quality porcelain, these thin coverings are bonded to the front of your teeth, effectively addressing gaps, discoloration, misshapen teeth, and more. Unlike tooth bonding, porcelain veneers are designed to resist staining and maintain their beauty over time.

The Dentistry In The Round Two-Visit Veneer Process

Experience the unique blend of efficiency and artistry with our two-visit veneer process, tailored to reflect your personal style and the essence of North County’s surf culture.

Visit One

Initial Consultation: Personalized Planning for Your Smile

Your journey begins with a detailed consultation at our Cardiff office, where we dive into your vision for the perfect smile. Dr. Britton's personalized approach ensures that every aspect of your veneers is aligned with your aesthetic goals.

Smile Design: Crafting Your Dream Smile Preview

Utilizing comprehensive pre-operative photos, Dr. Britton crafts a 'mock-up' of your new smile. This preview allows you to see and feel what your final smile will look like, adjusting for teeth length, size, and shape.

Precision and Artistry in Design

The smile design is meticulously sculpted in wax at our dental lab, ensuring that your veneers will look natural and complement your overall appearance.

Veneer Preparation and Temporaries: Immediate Transformation

Leave our office the same day with a temporary version of your new smile, a preview of the stunning transformation to come.

Visit Two

Final Adjustments and Application: Perfecting Your Smile

We value your feedback and use your experience with the temporaries to fine-tune your veneers. Your complete satisfaction is our priority, and we make any necessary adjustments before finalizing your beautiful porcelain veneers.