Innovative Restorative Dentistry at Dentistry In The Round

Immerse yourself in the advanced realm of restorative dentistry at Dentistry In The Round, where we harness cutting-edge technology and expert care to revitalize your dental health and smile, right here in the heart of North County San Diego.

Same Day Crowns

Revolutionary Dental Technology

Experience the unmatched convenience and efficiency of same-day crowns at Dentistry In The Round. Leveraging the latest dental technology, we offer crown procedures completed in just one visit, saving you both time and the inconvenience typically associated with traditional crown methods.


Streamlined Crown Procedures

Forget about the hassle of multiple dental visits for a single crown. Our advanced 3D imaging and in-house milling technology allow us to craft perfectly fitting, durable crowns in just one appointment, ensuring a seamless experience for our North County patients.

A New Era in Dentistry

Gone are the days of uncomfortable molds. At Dentistry In The Round, we utilize quick and precise 3D imaging to design your new crown, which is then accurately milled and matched to your natural teeth, all within approximately two hours.

Superior Fillings

Our approach to fillings is meticulously detailed. We select materials that ensure the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing outcomes, tailored to each individual case, reflecting the vibrant lifestyle of our coastal community.

Not Just Another Filling

At Dentistry In The Round, we understand that fillings are more than just a quick fix. The combination of resin and filler particles is chosen with precision, considering the location and color of the tooth to ensure optimal results. Our careful selection process guarantees fillings that are not only strong but also blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Biomimetic Dentistry

Embracing the principles of biomimetic dentistry, we utilize high-quality materials to craft restorations that mimic the natural appearance and function of your teeth. This approach ensures restorations that are both beautiful and enduring, perfectly suited to the active and health-conscious residents of North County San Diego.

Commitment to Quality - Best Materials, Same Price

Our Pledge to Superior Materials and Service

Our dedication to excellence means choosing only the finest, safest, and most biocompatible materials for your dental work. At Dentistry In The Round, we promise restorations that are not just visually appealing but also durable and in harmony with your overall dental health, reflecting the high standards of care our North County community deserves.