Immediate Care for Dental Emergencies at Dentistry In The Round

When dental accidents happen, Dentistry In The Round is your trusted provider for experienced and immediate care. We recognize the urgency of dental emergencies and are fully prepared to offer the right solutions promptly and efficiently.

Prepared for All Dental Emergencies​

Whether it’s a chipped tooth from an unexpected bite, a piece of porcelain broken off a crown, or trauma from a sports injury, Dr. Britton and our team are well-equipped to handle your emergency. Promptly addressing these issues often leads to more conservative treatments, reduced costs, and improved outcomes. Our practice is designed to quickly respond to a variety of dental emergencies, ensuring you receive the necessary care without delay.

Weekend Support for Our Patients

Our commitment to patient care extends beyond regular office hours. For our patients of record, emergency support is available over the weekend. Should you encounter a dental emergency, Dr. Britton can be reached through his personal contact information, accessible via our answering service. This dedication ensures you’re never left without support during critical times.

Tackling Infections Swiftly

Swelling is often indicative of an infection, where early intervention is key. Dentistry In The Round provides rapid treatment with antibiotics and root canal therapy to swiftly manage infections and avert serious health risks. With the latest in dental technology at our disposal, we deliver exceptional results in root canal therapy, effectively addressing your emergency while minimizing discomfort.